Blitz Hard Stone Polishing Pads

This 7 step hard stone polishing pad system is engineered to give stone fabrication professionals a deep, rich polish. Additionally, Blitz pads provide a high gloss finish on a variety of material.

Blitz Diamond Polishing Pads

7 Step Blitz Pad

The high diamond concentration in this polishing pad by Weha makes it a great choice for stone fabricators. However, there are other characteristics that make the Blitz 7 Step polishing pad system an effective pad.

Geo Pattern

The GWDTP (Geometric Water Displacement Technology Pattern) surface of the Blitz wet polishing pads and the Weha polishing pads for dark quartz affects the life of these pads. In fact, there are two primary benefits to the Geo Pattern on the Blitz polishing system:

  1. Extended Life of the Outer Segments
  2. Improved Surface Contact With the Stone

Extreme Flexibility

The Blitz 7 Step Polishing Pads feature a resin that is flexible. As a result, these polishing pads can be used for a variety of tasks including:

  • Surface Polishing
  • Edge Polishing
  • Polishing Inner Corners
  • Profiled Edges

Stone Compatibility

Blitz Polishing Pads are one of the best premium hard stone polishing pads available. Additionally, they polish well on a variety of materials including:

  • Granite
  • Engineered Stone
  • Quartz
  • Quartzite

With the Blitz hard stone polishing system, you will get a richer, deeper shine than other 5 and 6 step pads.

Blitz Polishing Pads – 7 Step

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