A great way to elevate the production of a fabrication shop is to put aggressive polishing pads to work in your polishing system. Weha Copper Pads work faster than standard resin bonded polishing pads on the low end of the process. Hence, these pads make quicker work of the polishing process. As a result, production is increased.

Aggressive Polishing Pads

Aggressive Polishing Pads

These full copper bonded polishing pads last longer than standard resin bonded pads. Additionally, they remove stock quickly. If you are tired of your low grit pads wearing faster than your high grit pads, try these as a substitute for low grit steps.

The concept of boosting the production rate of your polishing system appeals to many fabricators. Therefore, Copper Flex increases the stock removal rate in order to accomplish that. Since it removes stock faster, fabricators get to the higher grit pads quicker. In turn, production is boosted. Copper Pads are much like the Copper Flex Pads by Weha and both systems remove stock quicker. Additionally, these polishing pads work on the following materials:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Concrete
  • Engineered Stone

How Copper Pads Increase Production

Increasing production in the fabrication process is easy with Copper Pads polishing pads. Stone professionals simply use the four Copper Pads in place of lower grit resin bonded pads. By using these low grit pads, you increase your production. How so? It gets you to the 400 grit pad quicker. Thus, increasing the rate at which you work.

Copper Flex high production polishing pads are available in the following grits:

Fabricators seeking to elevate the rate of production will benefit by considering Copper Pads as an alternative to standard resin bonded low grit polishing pads.

Copper Pads

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