Quartz Countertop Restoration

Quartz Countertop Restoration

It may seem like an odd topic for an article because so many people have a favorable impression about quartz countertops. Many feel that quartz is so durable that it could never need restoration. But is that really the case? In this article we will take a look at quartz countertop restoration. We will also examine some things that make it necessary for some to know how to refurbish quartz countertops.

Countertop Repair and Quartz

The topics of countertop repair and quartz may not seem to go hand in hand. However, quartz countertops need refinished, restored, or resurfaced in many cases. This is because of a few factors that create a need for the service. Let’s look at a couple of questions that show this need.

Will Quartz Countertops Chip?

The answer to that question could be a long one, or it could be a short one. We’ll try to land somewhere in between the two. Quartz will chip in some circumstances so yes, it is possible to chip quartz. If the nature of the question is to find out whether all quartz eventually chips, then the answer is no. There are plenty of quartz owners out there that have never had an issue with their surface. But whether it is possible for quartz to chip is demonstrated in this discussion on Houzz that shows a solid impact on an edge can certainly chip quartz countertops.

Why Quartz Countertop Restoration

Besides the need for a way to repair chips in quartz countertops, restoring the polish is also needed. Furthermore, resurfacing through a restorative polish is probably the answer. Especially if the surface is a kitchen countertop, a worktop, or another functional surface. After all, if you have ever wondered, “will quartz countertops increase home value?”, you aren’t the only one. Regardless of the material, a new-looking quartz surface makes a home more valuable than, say the one mentioned in this discussion about heat damage to quartz. So whether the damage is from heat, impact, or even small surface scratches that make quartz look cloudy and lack its original luster, it is good to talk about solutions related to restoring quartz countertops.

How to Refurbish Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertop restoration may be necessary due to one of several issues. We discussed some of the main ways a surface can be marred earlier. But let’s look now at an approach to refurbishing a surface that may not look like new.

Restoring the Luster By Surface Polishing

Quartz surfaces lose the original shine from the polish in some cases. Additionally, having a quartz restoration company or some other professional use a machine for surface polishing countertops come in and put the actual polish back on the surface will yield great results. Machines like these, use surface repair pads designed to correct these kinds of marring.

Refurbishing quartz surfaces may need more than a surface polish though. If the quartz has chips in it like the example above demonstrates, the professional may need to use a chip repair kit that works on quartz to actually replace the missing material with a color matched filler made from a special material that resembles the quartz material when it is cured.

Technology is available and products to redo quartz countertops exist. So it is possible to perform quartz restoration on a marred countertop. Of course, the results will vary depending on the skill of the professional using the tools. So, it may not be wise to attempt the repair yourself. Especially if you have not had experience working with the tools. These include polishing machines for quartz, surface adhesives, and grinders.

In the end, quartz countertop restoration is not only possible, but it is a needed skill that supports an entire service profession. So if you have a damaged surface, scratches that detract from the quartz countertop’s appearance, or a chunk of material missing altogether, you can rest assured that there is a fix possible. Just find a professional stone restoration company that you feel comfortable with that has a good record and does excellent work.

Quartz Countertop Restoration

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