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Surface Repair Pads – 6 Grits

These surface repair pads are designed to remove scratches from hard stone surfaces like quartz and granite, but also to remove etching from natural calcareous stone like marble.

Donkey Pads At A Glance

  • Quartz Scratch Removal
  • Granite Surface Repair
  • Repair Etched Marble
  • High Water Retention Design
  • Use Some or All Steps

Resurfacing Polishing Pads

These polishing pads are a great tool to have on hand. Especially for repairing or restoration projects. The Donkey Pads (previously named Monkey Pads) are a pad with hook and loop backing that are designed for repairing surfaces of natural and engineered stone materials like:

  • Granite
  • Quatzite
  • Marble
  • Quartz

Whether you are blending seams, polishing edges, or resurfacing marble surfaces, you will find that these surface repair pads are just what you need for blending these areas of the slab to make them match the rest of the surface.

Indoor Stone Repair

The Donkey Pads are excellent for areas where the water supply is limited. The diamond sponge design holds a lot of water which makes these scratch tacklers effective on repairs projects. If you are doing a repair inside a home, take the Donkey Pads along*.

Granite & Quartz Scratch Removal

To repair scratched granite or quartz, begin by using the Trio 3 Step Polishing Pads along with an aluminum rigid backer or a thin rigid backer. Complete a full cycle using the Trio Pads. Once you have completed the Trio Pad cycle, it’s time for the Donkey Pad treatment.

Complete the Process Using Donkey Pads

After you have treated the surface, or edge with the Trio pads, use the same fanning pattern that you used in the previous stage of repair. Only for this phase use the Donkey Pads! Here is the order in which to use the pads (running at 1200 rpm or less):

  1. 600 Grit – first round
  2. 1000 Grit – second round
  3. 2000 Grit – third round (then dry surface and check)
  4. 3000 Grit – fourth round (if needed)
  5. 6000 Grit – fourth round (if needed)
  6. 10000 Grit – fourth round (if desired)

Donkey Pads are also compatible with a 7 step system. To use with 7 step systems, simply work up to the 3000 grit on your 7 step pads and then begin the Donkey Surface Repair Pads at the 600 grit and proceed as listed above.

Marble Etch Repair

Donkey Pads are also effective for treating etched marble surfaces. To repair etched marble using these handy pads follow the these steps:

  • Start off by using the 600 grit Donkey Pad at 1800 rpm or less in 30 second increments.
  • If needed for some glossy marble surfaces, move to the 1000 grit pad following the same 30 second increments if needed.
  • For even higher gloss marble finishes, move to the 2000 grit Donkey Pad as needed following the same 30 second increments.

* For indoor use, soak the Donkey Pads in water for 20 minutes to allow them to absorb enough water to work indoors during the repair process.

Surface Repair Pads

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