7 Step Xubi Polishing Pads

The 7 Step Xubi polishing system by Weha is an economic polishing pad system designed with quality in mind.

Value and Quality

High production fabrication shops often times use economy pads as a regular part of their processes. However, economical pads do not have to be cheap pads. Weha offers the Xubi 7 Step Wet Polishing Pads as a quality economical pad.

7 Step Pad

Quality and Price

Often times the quality of a product and the price level work against each other. However, they do not have to be. Weha took steps to design and build an economical pad with value. Let’s consider a couple of features that make the Xubi wet pads a superior economy pad.

Resin Thickness

To reduce the cost, companies will make the pad thinner. Because of this, economy pads have a shorter life as a general rule. The Xubi 7 Step polishing pad system does not follow this pattern. Since they are a full 3mm thick, these polishing pads will last much longer than comparable pads.


Another factor that contributes to the value of the Xubi polishing pads, is flexibility. Rigid, lower quality resins cause economy polishing pads to crack since they are brittle. The Xubi pads on the other hand are very flexible compared to other economy pads. Additionally, the resin is soft and pliable so they wont crack. Hence, they last longer.

Value Not Price

Price and value are not equal. Just because something is low price, does not automatically mean it is valuable. Therefore, you will find that Xubi pads are not always going to be the lowest priced economy polishing pads. Yet, when it comes to value they are among the best in the economy class.

Polishing Quality

Really, it all boils down to the quality of polish that an economy pad produces. Because of the design features mentioned above, Xubis are at the top. What will the quality of the polish be? The Xubi 7 Step Wet polishing system gives you a high gloss polish without a buff pad.

Xubi Polishing Pads – 7 Step

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