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Polishing Pad Types

Assorted Polishing Pad Types

If you were to go into 20 fabrication shops, you would find a variety of polishing pads. So why are there so many different kinds? Because not all stone is the same, not all production environments are the same, and fabricators are not all the same.

Among the variety of polishing pad types that you can find in use today, you will find the following:

Variance Yields Variety

As mentioned earlier, there are variables that affect what polishing pad types are sought. We will take a brief look at three variables that make it necessary to offer various polishing pads. They are:

  1. Fabricators
  2. Stones
  3. Environment

Each of these factors have variants as well. That means there are many factors that can affect which pad is needed at any given time. Let’s take a look at some examples.


Every fabricator is different. Each has his or her own preferences and tendencies. Additionally, the fabricator will prefer specific tools. What makes the difference to one fabricator might not matter to another. Here are some things that a fabricator might consider when deciding on polishing pad types:

  • Price
  • How it Feels During Use
  • Compatibility With Tools
  • Productivity
  • Ease of Use

Production Environment

Another factor that affects the kind of polishing pad that a fabricator or fabrication shop with choose is the production environment in which the pads are used. If the shop is a high production shop, speed will matter. Additionally, the cost might be high on the priority list too. Here are some environmental factors that can affect which pads are needed or preferred:

  • Price
  • Productivity
  • Dry or Wet Environment

Stone Being Worked

Although listed last, it is certainly not the least important. The type of material that is being polished will determine what features the polishing pad needs to have. For instance, does the fabricator work with a lot of granite? Does the shop process primarily marble? The kin of stone that is being worked will influence the decision.

Additionally, the type of work being performed on the stone will contribute to the polishing pad selection. For example, is the task surface polishing? What about edges, corners, profiles? As you can see, the need for specialty pads becomes evident quickly.

This site is meant to be a resource for anyone looking for information about polishing pads and what they are used for. So look around and see what there is to find.

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